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With SVZ Paul McCartney 2017
With Kurt Russell and The Disciples Of Soul
With Stevie Van Zandt
Me and The @ Boss Upstage Jam
The Late Show with SVZ ,Elvis Costello
With Steve Forbert
With Charley Drayton (Expensive Winos)
With Bruce and David Sancious
With Jack Daley, Jerry Gaskill and Gordon Brown
With SSJ McLoone Supper Club
With Jerry Gaskill (Kings X)
Late Show SVZ, Elvis, Darlene Love
With Layonne Holmes
With Arne Wendt and Pat Guadagno
With SVZ, Sir Paul and Jack Daley
With Stevie Van Zandt and The Disciples
With Gary US Bonds, Dave Marsh @ Sirius Radio
With Rick Springfield
SVZ Bruce and Andy B
Asbury Angel Ceremony at The Stone Pony
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