Singer-songwriter-musician-producer Marc Ribler, however, embodies all of those traits. His unique ability to balance emotion and logic enables him to infuse his music with raw passion laced with a clear-headed understanding of the complexities of life.

This Life cover

This Life is a culmination of my life experiences from the past several years.

After recovering from my health crisis (covered on my Bio page) I have had many realizations about acceptance and tolerance. I spent a great deal of my life being very self critical and constantly wanting to control my world.

...Thus was born the album. And like every Dream album, it takes time to get it right. "The title song was written in 1997 when I lived in Manhattan and I was going through a bit of a stressful period: financially, spiritually and philosophically. The bulk of the album was written in the last couple of years and there are a couple of tunes that I wrote 9 years ago - i.e. 'Right in Your Backyard,' 'Watchin the World Go By,' and 'Everybody's Got Somethin to Say.' 'Prime Time TV' was also written then and funny (or sad) enough, the second verse about Saddam Hussein is still as relevant today as it was then.


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