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Single Credits:

Executive Producer: Stevie Van Zandt

Produced and Mixed by Marc Ribler
Basic Tracks Recorded by Joe DeMaio at Shorefire Studios, Long Branch NJ
Overdubs recorded by MR at Mondo Melodies Studios NJ
Mastered By Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering

Marc Ribler - Lead Vocal, Guitars, Piano and Percussion
Rich Mercurio - Drums
Jack Daley - Bass and Background vocals
Andy Burton - B3 Organ and Background vocals


“Hand Me Down” 

Marc Ribler - Lead Vocal, Guitars and String Arrangement 

Jack Daley - Bass
Andy Burton - B3 Organ

Jonathan Dinklage - Strings

David Anthony - Percussion 

Background vocals:

Freedom Bremner and Brian Collazo

Album art: Louis Arzonico
Cover photo: Richard Elliott Hoynes


Words and Music by
Marc Ribler (Mondo Melodies Publishing (ASCAP)
Christina Aldendifer (Mulberry Feet Music (BMI)

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