Our Spirit Is Strong

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I am so grateful for having Some of NJ's finest musicians and singers join me in recording "Our Spirit Is Strong".

As a songwriter and musician, the way that I am able to give back to my community is through song. When Sandy hit, I sat in a very dark place and prayed for an answer about how I can help heal these unbearable wounds that my extended friends and family were dealt. What came, in answer to my prayers were several songs. The 1st was "Garden State" and the 2nd "Our Spirit Is Strong".

When I reached out to Joe D'Maio at Shorefire about recording the song at his studio, he simply replied "when would you like to come in?". When I reached out to George McMorrow(Cinecall) about making this video, he simply replied "when do you need me?" When I reached out to all of the musicians and singers (All named at the end of this video) they all replied "just tell me where and when"...

Reflecting on all of this brings a tear to my eye and a puts a smile on my face. This is an incredibly strong and caring community of folks coming together in our time of great need. There isn't nearly enough visibility in the media these days about the devastation to NJ homes and families , It's still a long road of healing ahead and we need all the help we can get.

Special Thanks to our Amazing Jersey Shore Musical Community....

In our time of need you all came through like champs!

Arne Wendt, Jerry Gaskill, Lee Finkelstein, Pat Guadagno, Jack Daley, Lance Larsen, JT Bowen, Mary McCrink, Reagan Richards, Tommy LaBella, Rick Brunermer, Tommy Meares, Pete Maurer, Steve Jankowski, Maureen McCrink, Tom Parr, Mario Casella, Tommy "Pipes" McDonnell, Rich Mercurio, Paul Avrutin, Deb Lyons, Rich Taskowitz, John Berry, Michael Ghegan, Layonne Holmes, Nick Clemons, Timmy Douglas, Matt O'Ree, Glen Palmer, Gordon Brown, John Harvey, Sandy Mack, Tony Palligrossi, Kelley Dewkett, Lisa Sherman - And our incredible support group in the media Jean Mikle, Tom Cagle, Lynne Ward, Bev Beveridge, Michele Pav, Brian Thompson, Bert Baron, Grace Hanlon, Big Joe Henry, Rich Robinson, Jeff Raspe, Barbara Deitz, John Posada, Suzy Graham, Bernadette Tetro, Cal Shwartz, Tara Jean Vitale, Rich Hoynes, Cindy Jasguar, Restore The Shore Concert Series, The staff at The Strand Theatre And as always, all of our loving and caring friends and fans.

Thank You all for Caring!
With Love Marc and Friends